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Welcome to English Lessons for Italians.

Benvenuto alle Lezioni d’Inglese per Italiani.

English lessons for Italian speakers, are available from an English mother tongue and an Italian native, who teach in unison in the region of Monza & Brianza. Located in Seregno, we offer tuition at our premises, the customer’s homes or places of work, wherever they prefer to have their lessons. We cover all the areas of Cantu, Carate Brianza, Carugo, Cesano Maderno, Desio, Giussano, Lissone, Mariano Comense, Monza, Seregno, Seveso, Verano Brianza and the places in between. We give English lessons to students of all ages. From primary school (6-11 years old), through all levels of school and university, to more mature students.

There are many reasons why people choose to study English lessons.

All Italian school children are obliged to partake in English lessons as a part of their main curriculum, and for most of them English lessons continue throughout their education. English is probably the second language which is learned by the most people, as it is spoken by 1.5 billion speakers, only of which 347 million had English as their first language, therefore English lessons are very useful for international communication. English is known as the language of commerce, computer operating systems and programming are almost exclusively based on English.

English lessons, whether compulsory, essential or for fun.

While English lessons are compulsory for school work, and essential for much of business life, many of our students study with us for pleasure and self-improvement. Their English lessons, without the pressures of looming examinations and career advancement, are driven only by their own desires and personal goals.

Whatever your needs in the area of  Monza & Brianza, please visit our contacts page to find out how to book you English lessons now!

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